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Special offer celebrating Prideweek

About this offer:

-For Prideweek we are offering a one third discount from our regular fee of $15 per class.

-$10 per class, per student for groups enrolling together.

-$12 per class for individuals enrolling alone.

-These prices require the purchase of ten classes.

* The Carranza Academy of Languages LLC is solely reponsible for this offer and its execution. Condomex is the facilitator for this offer and assumes no liability of any kind.

There is more to this offer:

-At the Carranza Academy of Languages we always offer new students a free class.

-Take advantage of this offer and receive eleven classes for the price of ten.
And still more:

-This offer is for eleven classes.

-These classes are at Level A1.1, Basic 1.

-The full A1.1, Basic 1 curriculum includes 16 classes.

You will learn a lot in the first eleven classes and be on your way to Spanish fluency. But there is more to learn.
Enroll to complete the curriculum now and receive one more free class.

Sixteen classes for the price of fourteen

Classes begin June 21.
You can choose from three schedules.

-Intensive, five days per week.

-Relaxed, three days per week.

-Casual, two days per week.

Classes are offered four times each day.

We provide all materials.

The Carranza Method.

You will discover that all the things you might be afraid of – grammar and verb conjugations or speaking in front of others – are easily within your grasp.

You can learn Spanish; we will help you to do it. We are your partner in the journey you are undertaking.

You should know:
-These are group classes (never more than six students).
-All classes in this offer are at Level A1.1, Basic 1.
-You need no experience with Spanish; we will start at the beginning.
-All classes begin on the hour and last 50 minutes.

If you have questions or comments please contact us.

Still confused?

If you have any questions, please contact us.