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The Carranza Method

The Carranza Method is a completely new approach to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

It has been developed by three Professors of Spanish who are part of the founding group of the Carranza Academy of Languages.

Together with the three professors in creating our approach we have worked with another founder who is not a teacher but a life-long student of Spanish. He has helped us by providing a fresh and different point of view from that of teachers.

The Carranza Method is a term that encompasses everything we do in the process of assisting students in learning Spanish

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Our goal is to present each student with a learning plan for charting their own course through the academy's offerings. We intend that every student learn Spanish in a program that matches their goals and styles of learning with the offerings classes and materials we have. Because it is student-focused and not teacher focused we are offering our students and prospective students the opportunity to Learn Spanish Your Way, not our way.

The Carranza Method begins when a prospective student accepts our First-Class Free offer and from there includes the following elements and more.

A personal evaluation of each prospective student, first by themselves and then with one of our professors and a first class taught at their existing level of Spanish, which might be none at all

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The next step is the preparation of an individual learning plan for each student. We do this, interacting with the student to make sure the learning plan matchers their needs and goals and styles of learning.

Thereafter, we begin a journey together. The Carranza Method encompasses all of the materials we offer: online classes, videos, vocabularies, study guides and methodological approaches to learning difficult parts of the language such as verb conjugations and pronunciation.

At every step we and the student will engage in testing and evaluation of their progress to be sure the plan they are following aligns with their goals and style of learning. If not, we will together change their learning plan.

All of our materials have been created by us, the professors and our student critic.

All things together, this is the Carranza Method.

These are the things that make the Carranza Academy different from other language schools. Some schools have elements

Elements of the Carranza Method are
The most important element is evaluation and feedback.

At most language schools you are left pretty much on your own. At the Carranza Academy you will receive constant feedback about your studies. We want you to succeed and we don't want you to be adrift. How we do this use existing text

• The classes themselves which are taught by live teachers in real time. immersion. conversation.

• The classes are taught using slides which will be available to all students after class.

• The live classes are recorded; the recordings will be made available to the students after the class. This way, you can replay the class to increase your understanding.

• Each student will have access to many kinds of vocabularies

• New vocabulary, class-by-class
• Cumulative vocabulary
• Vocabulary arranged by categories of meanings, such as animals, subdivided into wild animals, domestic animals and so forth. Many of the categories are illustrated with,, for example, photos or drawings of each animal.
• Vocabularies of related words; not just the verb to work but, accompanying the verb, the noun, the
adjective, etc.


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