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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

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What does Spanish Your Way mean?

Every student brings to class a personal knowledge and proficiency in Spanish – which might be none at all.

• Every student sets her own goals, for example, the level of fluency she wishes to achieve — high intermediate or everyday conversational, as examples.

• Every student has a unique style of learning, approaches they are comfortable with and activities that are outside their comfort zone.

Our goal is to customize a learning plan just for you.

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Proficient in Spanish? Or not?

Your enrollment with us begins with an evaluation of your current proficiency in Spanish.

Maybe you studied Spanish in school and learned a lot, or not so much. You might be surprised at how much you remember.

Maybe you have achieved intermediate fluency. Good for you; we can build on that.

Maybe you are already at an advanced level of Spanish fluency but want to continue to a higher level. We can help you with that.

And maybe you don’t know much beyond adios and taco. We love to teach beginners. You will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to converse on simple subjects.

To help us evaluate your skill we will ask you to make a self-evaluation. Next we will provide a free one-on-one class designed for your level and together we will find out whether you should advance or drop to a lower level. No shame in that.

We want you to become fluent in Spanish. We start by finding your level.
The personalized evaluation and first one-on-one class are FREE. No obligation.

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Why do you want to study Spanish?
What do you want to achieve?

You are on this webpage for a reason; it will help us if we know why.

Maybe you just want to give Spanish a test drive. That's great; we think you will enjoy learning Spanish with us.

More likely you have a specific reason for learning Spanish – to speak with friends and family, for a job, because you love to study and want something new to try. Let us know.

What do you hope to achieve?

Like anything you learn, you will progress through levels; arithmetic, algebra, calculus – all of them mathematics. So, Spanish has levels or degrees of fluency. You can advance as far as you want. Tell us where you want to go.

We would like to know. You will have an opportunity to tell us as you register and you should also discuss these things with your instructor in your first FREE Spanish class and evaluation. Let's get started.

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Every student has a
personal style of learning.

Some love the classroom, can’t wait to speak, enjoy and learn from the interactions with classmates. Other students are more bookish, want to study alone.

Some students like the challenges of learning the rules of grammar. Others want to pick it up as they go.

We will take your learning style into account when, together we design a learning plan for you.

We will begin with your self-evaluation and, over time, give you some feedback.

We will tech to your strengths but we will also work together on your weaknesses.

Maybe you are shy about speaking in front of the class, would rather talk only with your teacher. We need to work on that together. You will surprise yourself at how quickly you will be speaking Spanish.

Maybe you don’t like conjugating verbs – that would be most of you. We will walk you through it one verb at a time. We have a system for learning the verbs.

Maybe you have trouble understanding what you hear or difficulty pronouncing some Spanish sounds – the r and rr sounds are difficult for some. Together we will focus on comprehension and pronunciation.

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“Learning Spanish Your Way is a journey;
we will make that journey together.”

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Includes a personal evaluation of your Spanish skills and goals.

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