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Learn spanish your way with us!

Even you can Speak Spanish!

Learn spanish your way with us!

Are you Speaking Spanish yet?

Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

Special Low Prices for Group Classes

Special Low Prices for Individual Classes

Welcome to Carranza Academy of Languages

We are a serious Spanish language school focused on working with each student to develop a learning program just for them. That is what we mean by Learn Spanish Your Way.

We know that every student is different, with different skills, different goals, different styles of learning.

We are not an online program. We are a real school with real classes offered in real time and taught by real instructors in a virtual classroom. You will know your teacher, and your fellow students in group classes, and your teacher will know you.

Check out these web pages and discover how, with our help, you can become fluent in Spanish.

A real school

real classes in real time

taught by real instructors

Spanish For Everyone

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Classes with us

Our programs

All our classes are real: real teachers, real classes in real time from a virtual classroom. You will know you teacher and she will know you.

We offer both group and individual classes, for every level of fluency from basic through advanced.

Group classes are limited to six students.

These classes are scheduled whenever you want. Your schedule is our schedule. (we can only schedule classes that start on the hour.) We are presently scheduling three programs: Intense (5 classes per week), Relaxed (3 classes per week) and Casual (twice weekly). These classes are offered at four different times each day, making it easy to find a class regardless of your time zone.

We will offer custom group programs to suit the needs of a pre-existing group and we can prepare custom programs for organizations that have associates or employees who need to learn quickly.

To learn more about group classes, including schedules and pricing,

One-on-one Class can be completely customized to suit the specific needs of each student. And they can be scheduled at almost any time, any day, and any number of classes per day.

Why you should
choose us

Are you serious about learning Spanish?

If you are serious —

You need a school offering real classes, in real time, with real teachers.

Classes are everything. If you are not talking with and listening to live speakers, you will not become conversational.

Without the ability to converse, all the study in the world will not enable you to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

You need to be immersed in Spanish.

Learning Spanish Your Way you will be speaking about simple things on the first day.

Soon you will be able to talk about yourself and others.

And you will enjoy conversation, even if you are initially shy about speaking in front of others.

You need instructors with whom you can interact, not online programs.

You need a variety of supplemental materials that enable you to focus on the things you want to learn, in the order in which you want to learn them.

We will work with you to design a learning program tailored to your needs, your skills, your goals.

If you will allow us to help you, you will learn Spanish. We will challenge you, move you out of your comfort zone. You will find that it is not as difficult as you thought.

And it will be fun.
If you are not serious

You should try one of the miracle online programs.

An internet search will tell you that —

  You can learn Spanish in 30 days; you can’t, but that’s OK.

  You can learn Spanish in 15 minutes a day; good luck with that.

  You can learn Spanish intereacting with a computer. Try it if you want.

You will be offered the chance to learn 1700 Spanish words overnight. What are you going to do with 1700 words that you can’t pronounce and don’t know how to use?

You will also learn the 1700 words with us, as part of your learning program. The advertisement is talking about cognates: words that are recognizably similar in both languages. For example:

 education - educación

 variety - variedad


We will teach you these and 1000s of other Spanish words that you can easily derive from their English cognates; these will be included in your courses. Don't pay extra for someone hawking thes simple pattern recognition guidelines.

We are a serious language school. If you are serious about learning Spanish, enroll with us, apply yourself, and you will learn Spanish Your Way.

Meet our Faculty

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Bachelors Teaching Languages

More than 12 years teaching Spanish

“I truly enjoy people and find great satisfaction in helping them progress in their language learning”

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Masters Teaching Languages

More than 12 years teaching Spanish

“Classes should be fun for both students and teachers”.

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