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Special Low Prices for Group Classes

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Everything About Group Classes

All classes at the Carranza Academy of Languages are:

real classes, conducted in real time by a live professor from a real classroom.
Whether you take group or individual classes, you will meet and come to know your instructor.

All classes are immersion classes, taught almost exclusively in Spanish.

This is not a problem but an advantage – you will learn more quickly.

English is our reference language and some of the materials are written partially or wholly in English.

And your professor can answer your questions in English. But you will need very little English when you complete the first level, Basic A1.1.

Driving right in and beginning to swim is the fastest way to become fluent in a language.

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Individual, one-on-one classes are great. You get 100% of your professor's time and attention. And together you can create a totally customized learning program just for you. But we recommend you seriously consider group classes.

Group classes are better in several ways.

You will learn a lot from your classmates, especially in listening to their pronunciations, considering their questions, responding to their reactions and – not to be overlooked – having time to collect yourself before your next turn speaking. For the latter reason, group classes are a little more relaxed.

Group classes are usually more fun and speaking in front of a group of all your classmates will help you overcome any stage fright you might have about speaking Spanish in public. The ability to communicate orally with other Spanish speakers is one of the most important skills you will acquire on your journey to becoming fluent in Spanish. Group classes will really help.

You get the benefit of learning as a team with your fellow classmates; this can be really helpful if you make it work for you. Every student in a group will have access, via a private chat page, to their classmates. You can study together, practice together, encourage one another, discuss any classroom issues. Participation in these chats is not mandatory and none of your classmates will have access to your personal information, just your classroom name.

Although each class is necessarily the same for every student in the group, you and your instructor will interact personally to make sure that your needs are being met, that you are keeping up, that you receive coaching if you are having problems, that you have the materials that suit your learning style. We are committed to providing Spanish Your Way for every student.

All group classes are limited to no more than six students; you won't get lost in a crowd. And most important for many, group classes are substantially less expensive.

Group Class Pricing

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