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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

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Learn spanish your way with us!

Special Low Prices for Group Classes

Special Low Prices for Individual Classes

Before you choose individual classes, we urge you to consider group classes, described above. The choice is yours.

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We can schedule individual classes at any time, on any days, and with whatever level of frequency you want. (We recommend a minimum of two classes per week; more is better.)

Timing of classes is subject to the availability of an instructor but, in general, we can work with any time, regardless of your time zone.

Pricing Individual Classes

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We offer all new students a one-on-one try-before-you-buy free first class and evaluation. This will ensure that you and your professor are in accord on your starting level and your personal styles of learning and offers you an opportunity to discover Spanish Your Way in real time.

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