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Course A1.1 description

A1.1 includes 16 classes. At the end of Spanish Unit 1, Basic A1.1
You will have developed listenting, speaking, reading and writing skills sufficient to:

Introduce yourself and others and share personal information
Use simple phrases to talk about your immediate needs
Ask and answer questions about where? when? who? what?
Ask and answer simple questions about identity and
Characteristics, places and things
Use this and that, here and there
Use simple phrases to talk about your immediate needs

Understand days and dates – the names of the days of the week, months, years, season of the year
Understand the uses of masculine and femine genders and how to form them for nouns, pronouns and adjectives

You will learn about descriptive adjectives and some of the limiting adjectives, starting with the articles, the, a and an
You will be able to count, up to one trillion, believe it or not
Use the correct names for family relationships
Use possessive adjectives
How to form plurals
How to conjugate the three pattern regular verbs and also two highly irregular but very important verbs: to be and to have
How to use expressions of frequency

And you will have a vocabulary of more than 300??? verbs, nouns, adjectives and other words.

If all of that sounds like a lot, it is. You will have learned in sixteen classes the fundamentals. You will really be able to speak Spanish in daily life.

But, of course, you can't expect to be genuinely fluent. If you follow up with A1.2 you and we will go deeper into some of these topics and take up many new topics. At the end of Level A1.2 you will be fluent – not an expert, but well on the way.

Syllabus A1.2

Syllabus, Level A1.1

Class 1 Hola, yo soy . . .
Part A
Saludos y despedidas | Greetings and goodbyes
Preguntas básicas | Basic questions
El verbo ser | The verb to be
Class 2 ¿Cómo se escribe tu nombre?
Part B
El alfabeto en español | Spanish alphabet
Deletreo de las palabras | The spelling of spanish words
Class 3 Así se pronuncia en español
Part C
Reglas de escritura y pronunciación | Rules of pronuntiation and writing
Class 4 Vamos a practicar la pronunciación
Part D
Practicar la pronunciación
Practicing pronuntiation

Class 5 Gustos y acciones
Part A
El verbo gustar y infinitivos | The verb to likeand the infinitive
Class 6 Más gustos y acciones
Part B
Más practica del verbo gustar y los infinitivos | More practice about verb " to like" and infinitive verbs.
Class 7 Propósitos y usos
Part C
Expresar una finalidad // El uso de la palabra "para" | To express a purpose //Use the word " para "

Class 8 ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre? Parte 1
Part A
Categorías gramaticales | Grammatical categories Los verbos regulares en presente primera persona (yo) | Regulars verbs in first person
Class 9 ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre? Parte 2
Part A
Revisión de todo lo aprendido | Review of the first seven classses
Class 10 Repaso de la clase de la 1 a la 9
Description Revisión de todo lo aprendido en el curso | Review about what you have learned

Class 11 Ella es muy guapa
Description Verbos irregulares ser y tener | Irregulars verbs : to be and to have
Describir físicamente a una persona | Physical description: tall, short, blonde, etc.
Class 12 ¿Qué tienes en tu bolsa? Parte 1
Description Artículos Determinados | Indefinite articles
Vocabulario de objetos personales | Vocabulary for personal objects
Reglas de masculino y femenino | feminine articles
Class 13 ¿Qué tienes en tu bolsa? Parte 2
Description Artículos Determinados | Indefinite articles
Reglas del singular y plural | Rules of singular and plural
Class 14 ¿Cuál es tu número de la suerte?
Description Los números del 0 al 10 | Numbers from 0 to 10
Los números del 11 al 20 | Numbers from 11 to 20
Los números del 21 al 100 | Numbers from 21 to 100
Class 15 ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?
Description Los Meses del año | Months of the year
Números del 100 al 1000 | Numbers from 100 to 1000
Class 16 Esta es la ciudad de Puerto Vallarta
Description Pronombres y adjetivos demostrativos | Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.
¿Qué es esto? | What’s this?
¿Qué es eso? | What’s that?
Adjetivos masculino y femenino | Masculine and feminine adjetives.
Class 17 Esta es la ciudad de Lima, Perú
Description Preguntas con “qué” y “quién” | Questions with "what" and "who" Frases relativas con "que" y "donde" | Relative phrases with "what" and "where"
Class 18 Regalos para mi familia
Description La familia y las relaciones familiares | Family relationships Adejtivos Posesivos | Possesive adjectives
Class 19 Ella es optimista
Description Adjetivos de personalidad | Personality Adjectives
Class 20 Repaso nuestras clases de 1 a 19
Part D
Vamos a repasar todo el nivel A1.1 | Review of the entire Level A1.1

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