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Summer time (daylight savings time) vs. winter time (standard time)

Much of the world observes different times in the summer than in the winter. Summer time is an adjustment made to the local standard time:

in the spring, the time is one hour later – 7:00 am becomes 8:00 am in the winter, the time reverts to standard time – 8:00 am becomes 7:00 am. In North America, summer time will change to standard time at 2:00 am, Sunday, November 7, 2021. Standard time will change to summer time at 2:00 am, Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Observance of summer time is very much a local matter with different countries and different states/provinces within countries observing or not observing summer time and changing from one to the other on different dates.

In the United States, portions of Arizona and Hawaii, among others, remain on standard time year round. In Canada, portions of Saskatchewan and British Columbia use standard time year round.

The policy of the Carranza Academy of Languages is to use both summer time and winter time changing on the North American dates (11/7/2021 and 3/13/2022).
This means that classes scheduled at 5:00 pm summer time will continue to be scheduled at 5:00 pm standard time. Nominally, class times will not change.
This is an issue that each student should consider in selecting class times: if you do not live in a time zone that uses summer/winter time or that changes from one to the other on different dates you might want to consider starting classes after a change or choosing a class time that will fit your schedule both before and after the change or changing groups when the time changes.

For group classes, please let us know your particular problems at or before you enroll and we will attempt to accommodate you. Our policies on special accomodations for students and our refund policy is here. click

The responsibility for dealing with seasonal time changes is yours.

Individual one-on-one students should discuss class-time adjustments with the Academy or their instructor, if one has been assigned, at the time they register. click